Banking and finance, fiduciary agreements, Insurance

Advising and representing our clients nationally and internationally in contracts and administrative/supervisory matters, with special reference to codes of conduct (CDB, AML-Self regulations) and anti-money laundering legislation.


E-Commerce, Commercial and Contracts

Advice in contracts in general, and related contractual responsibilities, specifically in sale purchase contracts, E-Commerce and data protection, corporate, work, rental, procurement, and agency agreements. We also support our clients in correlated litigations.


Law of succession and family law

Provide support in drawing up a will or in concluding a contracts of succession, in national and international succession planning for individuals and families, as well in closing marital agreements.


Credit recovery

We assist our clients in out-of-court negotiations, seizures, debt enforcements, and bankruptcy procedures.


Criminal law

Advising and representing clients in out-of-court negotiations and penal procedures, with particular focus upon national and international white-collar and economic crimes.


Administrative law

Advise and represent in planning permission procedures, work permits, traffic regulations, academic appeals, and other public law matters.